Friday, October 8, 2010

Front porch decor for Fall !!

Hello just wanted to post several pics of
what I've done to my little front porch..I
wished it were alot bigger but I'm gonna
work with what I have and be thankful !
   I am SO glad after 6 yrs I finally painted
the front door red..I LOVE it!


I picked this little guy up one afternoon at our local
Rite Aid and to top it off he was 50% so I definitely
could not pass that up!

my poor toparies have been through so many holidays!
got them when we first moved at Freds. Last weekend
I took a trip to Lowe's and looked at some of the ones
they have out now for Christmas and I do hope to be
getting them with the lights already attached but I will
definitely find a home for these on the back screened

By the way don't know if you can see or not but I've
already wrapped them with orange lights!And the leaves
are just a garland that I purchased from Hobby Lobby
(i think)

Here's a pic of the purple mums that i purchased from
Home Depot...last year I tried my hand with the orange
mums and for some reason (sure my fault) they didn't last
very long. I was also unaware that you could replant them
so I'm gonna try and find a spot for them....

I really and truly think these colors are just so beautiful. I also have
some barn stars that are rustic looking that I need to hang up some
where ...probably along the side walls of the porch..I really do wish
the porch was bigger...bigger porch means more stuff but that ok
I love decorating..i find it relaxing ,hectic & peaceful all at the same
time....go figure!

I do hope that everyone is out doing their own thing with decorating
and trying to change things up a bit!making our neighborhoods a
showcase for people that pass by...believe it or not there are some
folks out that that like to ride around and look at house...THAT
I do hope y'all have a wonderful weekend and Happy Decorating!!