Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving one and ALL!!!

I just wanted to add a couple of pics....

I hope you all have a wonderful THANKSGIVING!
Happy Decorating,

Friday, November 20, 2009

My new snowman!

I'd been debating on getting a
prelit snowman for the front porch
well....last night while I was out I
went ahead and got him...

the box was what I'd say rather large but I got him in
the truck anyway! my idea is to put him on
the front porch on the top step by the door
if he'll fit....he's 5ft ...that's a nice size so
he'll be pretty tall...well..I'm 5'4" so that's
tall to me :)

another view...

 when I get him all set up and the porch looking
the way I want it I'll post more pics. I hope y'all
have a great weekend...looking forward to
Happy Decorating,

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Love tha Gingerbread kits!...

Since I'm not a good "bake from
scratch" kinda gal...I look forward
to these kits every year so I can do
them with the kids but since they've
gotten older they like to do them
by themselves....

this was my first time seeing the train...I knew
they had the house and now Walmart has the
little villages. I got this train over the weekend
at Bed Bath and Beyond...if I'm not mistaken
I think I saw the tree there....or that might
have been Walmart also...between getting
ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas
shopping and wrapping everything's
running together these days...

here's a pic of the back showing directions......

Well I've started on my shopping for the kids
and I'm trying to do better than last year by
wrapping as I go it makes me feel like I'm
ahead of the game! I hope everyone has a
safe and great weekend be careful out there
you can already tell that traffic is picking up!

Happy Decorating,

Friday, November 13, 2009

Making a "word" wall....

Hey y'all....

Ok last weekend I was at my local Big Lots
( love that store)and noticed that they had the
"words/sayings" that youcan put on your wall....
now why didn't I think of this? soI purchased a can....

so I decided I'd go ahead and put this on the wall...
there were2 places I was thinking about but decided
to put them here...

on this blank wall over the piano...this area needed
"something"..i'd been thinking about some wrought
iron pieces from Hobby Lobby but oh well...
this was here goes...........

here's what it looked like just outta the can...

 on the wall...

and here's what it looks like finished....
as you'll probably notice like Idid...
I put too much spacing! so I looked
at the instructions again and tried to use
a hair dryer to remove it and it won't
budge ! :( my friend told me that I might be
able to remove it with some alcohol)....
but wait till hubby sees wonder what
he's gonna say...gulp :)

I realize now that I should have put JOYOUS under
HOLIDAYS maybe...and I was thinking that I
always get another symbol of some kind and put in
that space....hmmm...

this maybe up all year...forever if I can't get it down..
has anyone out there ever used this product and have
you had trouble getting it down??? Well I hope you
all have a happy and safe's gonna be
pretty my way.

Happy Decorating,

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day !

Thank you so much to the men and women who have fought & are
still fighting for our country today!

May God Bless America !!!!


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gathering some things....

 Good Morning All!

Last night I was going through some Christmas things that I'd been gathering
to do a "new" theme in the kitchen...thinking of calling it Candy Land...hmm...
so I took out this Santa that I ordered for Avon a few months ago he'll lonely
because I waited to late to order Mrs.Clause and she had sold out...ahhhhhh!

got this snowman toilet seat cover at Bed Bath & Beyond this past weekend..
I have seen these in catalogs before and always wanted one....

I'm thinking of doing a tree in the kitchen a small to medium sized one and
use these ornaments to go along with my them at the Dollar
Tree 4 ornaments for a $1 you can't be it right? :)

I know these are kitchen snowman towels...but I'm actually thinking
about using them in the bathroom with the snowman seat cover, I don't
think my kids will notice!

The candy stripped paper plate came from Walmart and I was thinking
about incorporating them into the decor/theme some how & besides
they were cheap! I'm looking into getting some real candy stripped
plates and using those also...I don't know if y'all have noticed but those
plates and the whole "Candy Land" seem to be "in" now...

 these little morning  I stopped by a yard sale to look around
and happened to notice this box on the ground under a was filled with
these trees! i couldn't believe it! so I got as many as i could :)'s my dilemma....

i'm debating  about maybe doing some sort of Christmas scene in this red cabinet...
there is an outlet behind it and I could plug all sorts of things up!:) maybe cover
the inside with some wrapping paper...use some "fake"snow..put in a village???

now the idea with these peppermint lights is to maybe use them outside on my
toparies...not sure tho'...OH! I could do a tree inside the red cabinet and use
them on that tree...hmmm I'm gonna have to think about this some more..
well in the meantime...Have a good weekend !!!

Happy Decorating,


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Living Room/Family Room Fall decorations...

My scarecrows have been all over the house!

and so has this wreath & hanger...

Got the pilgrims from Big Lots last year...

tried to put fall touches every where!

wasn't quite sure what to do with this pumpkin...LOL!....

next are close up pics over the piano...

got these ceramic pumpkins at Pier 1 last year on clearance...

rug under piano...didn't have any where else to put it!...sigh...

any ideas of what to put on the wall behind the piano?

coffee table ....tablescape! :)

decorated extra bathroom.....

some of these pics I've posted bare with me..

another coffee table....tablescape......

Hope you've enjoyed all my pictures...sorry so many..I hope
everyone has a blessed week!

Happy Decorating,