Thursday, November 19, 2009

Love tha Gingerbread kits!...

Since I'm not a good "bake from
scratch" kinda gal...I look forward
to these kits every year so I can do
them with the kids but since they've
gotten older they like to do them
by themselves....

this was my first time seeing the train...I knew
they had the house and now Walmart has the
little villages. I got this train over the weekend
at Bed Bath and Beyond...if I'm not mistaken
I think I saw the tree there....or that might
have been Walmart also...between getting
ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas
shopping and wrapping everything's
running together these days...

here's a pic of the back showing directions......

Well I've started on my shopping for the kids
and I'm trying to do better than last year by
wrapping as I go it makes me feel like I'm
ahead of the game! I hope everyone has a
safe and great weekend be careful out there
you can already tell that traffic is picking up!

Happy Decorating,

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