Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gathering some things....

 Good Morning All!

Last night I was going through some Christmas things that I'd been gathering
to do a "new" theme in the kitchen...thinking of calling it Candy Land...hmm...
so I took out this Santa that I ordered for Avon a few months ago he'll lonely
because I waited to late to order Mrs.Clause and she had sold out...ahhhhhh!

got this snowman toilet seat cover at Bed Bath & Beyond this past weekend..
I have seen these in catalogs before and always wanted one....

I'm thinking of doing a tree in the kitchen a small to medium sized one and
use these ornaments to go along with my them at the Dollar
Tree 4 ornaments for a $1 you can't be it right? :)

I know these are kitchen snowman towels...but I'm actually thinking
about using them in the bathroom with the snowman seat cover, I don't
think my kids will notice!

The candy stripped paper plate came from Walmart and I was thinking
about incorporating them into the decor/theme some how & besides
they were cheap! I'm looking into getting some real candy stripped
plates and using those also...I don't know if y'all have noticed but those
plates and the whole "Candy Land" seem to be "in" now...

 these little morning  I stopped by a yard sale to look around
and happened to notice this box on the ground under a was filled with
these trees! i couldn't believe it! so I got as many as i could :)'s my dilemma....

i'm debating  about maybe doing some sort of Christmas scene in this red cabinet...
there is an outlet behind it and I could plug all sorts of things up!:) maybe cover
the inside with some wrapping paper...use some "fake"snow..put in a village???

now the idea with these peppermint lights is to maybe use them outside on my
toparies...not sure tho'...OH! I could do a tree inside the red cabinet and use
them on that tree...hmmm I'm gonna have to think about this some more..
well in the meantime...Have a good weekend !!!

Happy Decorating,


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