Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Decorating!Decorating!! Decorating!!!

Our Front Porch...
I am still SO pleased that I decided to
paint my front door RED!

Last year I wanted some prelight presents and
found these at a local store I was so impressed
with them and I'm glad I didn't have to drive far
to purchase them they are absolutely beautiful
in person! 

I ALWAYS have to change out my flags...it's a MUST!
creates something "new" for my porch not matter
what holiday

Our Bedroom.............
this little quilt came from Walmart and it has it's
own carrying bag! NEAT NEAT!!

Dining Room...................
I still feel like this hutch is missing something..maybe
it's the background paneling that I need to paint!!

I am really pleased with the way this tablescape turned out! LOVE
my Slatkin figurals!!! from Bath and Body Works :)



Living Room.................


Guest Bath....

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures! i didn't get to show
you the family room because that seems to be a work
in progress for some reason.
Happy Decorating,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Green Thumb in the works.........

Good Afternoon,
I really wished i had a "green"
thumb like some folks..but
oh well I'm gonna work with  
what i got....

this plant started out as a "little bitty" thing now it's
outta control so for now it will remain on the screen
porch till it's too cold...

trying my hand yet AGAIN with mums I really
like them but it's hard for me to get them to live
I probably need to just plant them in the ground
next time....but isn't that purple just beautiful??

my all time favorite FERNS...I can get these bad boys
to hang around for a long time!

Happy Decorating,

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Table Top Tuesday....

Good Morning,
I'm participating with Marty @ a Stroll Thru Life for Table Top Tuesday!
This tablescape is something that just came to me
I basically used leftover materials..

Last year I used the birds on a "fall" tree if you look
closely you can see on the bottom of the bird a silver
clip and i just clipped them to the trees branches I
found them at Garden Ridge in the Christmas section..

that soup tureen was one of the best
pieces I've purchased for my fall collection
I just love the color and it's a great
substantial size...

I'm trying to do better with my blogging
so just bare with me :) Have a GREAT

Monday, October 25, 2010

Quick trip to Savanna Ga!

Hey Y'all :)
My hubby and I took a quick trip
to Savannah Georgia this weekend.
We had a very nice time, we're hardly
ever without the kids but this time we
were! We enjoyed a great church service
and took in some sites. Also we ate at Lady & Sons
will post those pics later....great food!

I just love plants! wished they felt the same way about me :)
i try to have a green thumb sometimes without much
success! Here is a pic of an urn in front of a store
beautiful tropical plant inside....

I personally don't like to take pics so I tried to get
alot of my hubby:) here is is walking down the street
we were trying to find the restaurant.....

OH! I'm about to get left..........WAIT FOR ME!!!

the next pics are of some old buildings downtown.I wished we
had more time to just look and look butmaybe next summer
we can go and just take our time.i love to look at old buildings!

I thought this plant was so beautiful...don't know what
it is ..looks tropical also :)

we stopped on this little bridge to take pics of the river...
I personally don't do heights! so i took a few shots and
got off :(

carriage rides....

like i said i have a few more pics to come..just enjoyed
the time away and was glad the weather was nice..even
early in the morning it wasn't cold...that's what i love!
Well I hope you all have a GREAT week!
Happy Decorating,