Friday, October 1, 2010

Couldn't wait to get out my Fall decorations!

  I just couldn't wait to start pulling stuff
out of the attic!
  Here's what is technically called the "living room"
although we never sit in there it the first room you
from the front door and I like it because it ALWAYS
stays clean!

  Found this pumpkin back during the summer
at Goodwill...started not to get it but I'm glad
I has a chip but u can't tell :)


  I still haven't figured out how to load pic on my
digital frame that I got last year for Christmas
last year! but it's "purdy" ain't it? :)
  Coffee table spread....

  I put a few things on the piano mainly because
there is a outlet right behind it and I can plug
stuff up!

I hope everyone has a BLESSES weekend!
Happy Decorating,

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