Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall dining....

Hey Y'all...
I put up a few fall decorations
in the dining room to make things
a little festive for the season..take
a look!...the first few pics are "before" shots :)

just loving the orange candles....but this way seemed
"unfinished" to me so I've made even more changes...

this hutch has been the BEST  piece that I own..
poor thing has been through TOO many changes!:
I am actually thinking about doing something to
the back paneling...paint,fabic or some temporary
interchangeable panels it needs something....

i'm really digging this tablescape now...the colors are
more vibrant than before with the plain table cloth
and I just love the birds purchased them last year
at Garden Ridge in the Christmas section...when I
things i try to think of all the possibilities....guess
that's why my shopping trips are 2-3 hours long! LOL

I do pray that everyone has a good week! The
holidays will be here soon...and I'm ready for all of
the excitement,family gatherings & hustle and bustle of
it all!
Happy Decorating,


  1. All of your decorations are so pretty. Love all of the lovely fall colors!!! Love that soup tureen...I have one like it!!! Your blog is so pretty!!!

  2. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. I think I found that soup tureen at Pier 1 a few years ago...i got some pumpkin plates to go along with it. Have a blessed week!!!

  3. Andrea...thanks so much for your comment...don't know why I felt better when you were also having troubles...yes...I think we're kindred souls...suffering together...suffering at the hands of evil machinery!!! My Droid got replaced because it was still in warranty...plumber is working on the new hot water heater right now...hubby's car is I get to tackle the xxxxxxx refrigerator...I may wait till Monday!!! Hope all of your problems are working out also...if not we can cry on each other's shoulders!!!...or we could have a glass of wine!!!