Friday, October 2, 2009

It's Here! ..... It's Here!!!!!

Hey Y'all...

I have been waiting for this box to arrive for almost a week now! Last week while
sitting on the couch watching my favorite fragrance person Mr. Harry Slatkin on QVC
I made a impulse decision to order what's in this box.....Eeeeek! i'm so excited...:)

see it says QVC on the box!

I began to open it up and started pulling out the contents....

Yes! it's a Slatkin & Co. candle...I love these candles they are the best. Does anyone
else out there like them??? the smell lasts and lasts "forever"!

not only did it come with 2 candles it came with a figural...that's what reeled me in!

It's a Gingerbread house! cute!!!

here's a close up of the 2 the store you have to buy the candles individually
and they don't even sale the figural at Bath and Body Works....

isn't it cute?!...sorry y'all it doesn't take much to excite me...and (ding!) just had an idea...
like my fall tree on another post this "baby" is gonna stay out for Thanksgiving..of course
Christmas...through Winter and Valentines day I can build on all those themes!... you go girl :)

see...when I buy something "seasonal" I always try to think of how many ways I can use it
and for what other seasons that it can be used in...trying to stretch a budget ya know....

side view...and it looks that way all the way it can be put out in the open and
look the same on all sides...

so when using it with a candle the figural comes with a base to sit it on and then just sit
the Gingerbread house on tip...cute...cute...

I wasn't gonna light it but just had too...

inside guess I'll be lighting candles this weekend which I like to do when it
gets cold...if anyone else out there purchases one of these let me know I'm interested in
hearing your experience .....

also along with this Gingerbread house they were advertising a Polar Bear with the 2 candles
and the cost was almost $40 (don't quote me) and with the shipping and handling it came to
$50.77 which I think is good just the 2 candles at Bath and Body Works alone are almost $15 a piece...

So be blessed and have a good weekend everybody..


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  1. I wish smells could come through the computer! It looks like you have a wonderful piece --- so fun.