Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Front Porch decorations....

Hey guys! it's time to decorate the front is gonna be my mailbox flag
i always change those out for the different's not up because it was too
dark out last night :)

and this is gonna be the house flag... I started doing those last this flag
on clearance at Lowe''s very pretty in person....

my door wreath...wished it was bigger but that's ok..and looking at it now I have thoughts
of maybe using a orange and green gingham ribbon instead of the one that's on it now..
hmm......and maybe some feathers........

got my mum last weekend beauty isn't she? someone told me that you can plant
these and they'll come back next year...didn't realize that...guess i'll be doing that
from now on...makes me feel like I'm getting my monies worth...

these poor scarecrows...they have been moved around from place to place and have
held up well...thanks guys! the one in the chair was having issues and didn't want to
stand! grrrr...

and these toparies have seen so much change that their loosing their leaves but I think
they still have some more use in them...dressed them up with orange lights and plugged
those bad boys in!

I decided to start using pillows with weather resistant fabric on them so during the
summer time when all the patio furniture & pillows are out in stores.... I think ahead
to what would look good during the other seasons and use those colors.... these
pillows go great with my fall stuff...

Happy Fall Decorating,

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  1. Hey Andrea. Your front porch looks great with all your Fall touches. I had a scarecrow similar to yours once. One year I put him on the outside of the window looking in. I had to take him down on day two cuz I would jump every time I walked into the room and saw him looking in. :-)