Monday, September 28, 2009

Been working on my "Fall Tree"...

Last year I got the idea to do a Fall I just got the tree out and used some
a couple of leaf garlands wrapped around it, bought some of the orange Halloween lights
at Big Lots wrapped those around it...and ...liked what I saw although I'm still trying to
figure out what I want to do around the bottom of it...I have used material before this time
I might use some "fake" hay or pumpkins...still pondering...

this year I went with a friend to Garden Ridge and they had some birds on their
Christmas aisle and I thought with the colors of the birds I could use them on my fall
tree...clipped them and ....liked the way it looked...

and back in August during a church picnic noticed alot of fallen pine cones on the
ground collected those and little did I know at the time how good they would look
on my fall tree!

here's a closer view.............

I just love this little tree ...bless it's little heart it goes up this time of year Sept/Oct
and won't be taken down until after Valentine's Day ...decorating it for Christmas,
Winter, Valentine's Day and Easter :)

I needed a tree topper so I opted for some fall ribbon...if you have any comments
or suggestions please let me know I would love to hear them!

Have a Blessed Day!!!


  1. Well, thank you. You just saved me a trip to Michels to get pine cones. When you mentioned picking up the pine cones at your church picnic, the light blub went off. I'm within walking distance of some large pine trees(yes, even in San Diego) that I think just may have left some for me!!!! Now I can finally get going on my fall decorating.

    Love the tree idea too. Where did you get it. I only see them at Christmas time.


  2. HOW DARLING, AND Creative. It just shows you can do so much more then just a Christmas tree. Very cute!

  3. LOVE the fall tree! I must say...Daisy is the most BEAUTIFUL thing I've seen yet in my two months of blogging. Her picture has me all but sobbing. Our german shep, Jordan, that we had for almost 11 years looked identical to her! Is she by any chance from the Monks in NY? My boy,Jordan was my everything but had to go to his maker almost(Nov 8) a year ago.
    Anyhow, enjoy her...German sheps are 2nd to none.

  4. Wow you are so brave to decorate a tree that many times. I love the addition of the birds. I dread getting out the tree and stringing lights...though I love it when it's finished.

  5. PS I meant to I see Longaberger on top of the red cabinette?

  6. Hi Andrea, So nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by my blog. I have so enjoyed my visit here at your blog and simply love your tree. It looks perfect for fall and I love all the treasures you added. How fun to decorate it from now till Spring. You home pics are lovely.
    See you again soon as I became a follower.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie