Friday, February 18, 2011

Love Your Home!

10 Ways to Love Your Home

Wall Sconce1. Pick one room or closet that needs organizing and just do it. The next time you open the door, it will make you just that much happier to know everything’s in its place.
2. Get some wall art, mirrors or sconces and decorate your living room or bedroom. Our design team particularly likes using objects out of context, like displaying unique serving dishes on the walls of a bathroom. If you need some help, try our handy Wall Art Decorator, which lets you try out a new look virtually - just upload a photo of your room.
3. Rearrange your room(s). Move furniture around to give your old living room a new feel. Or if you’re really feeling adventurous, swap rooms entirely (ex: switch the guest bedroom with the study).
4. Clean those pots and pans with the stubborn burns and caked-on food that you’ve been putting off. Plug in some music, get a few tips from the Community, and go after it.
Thermal Curtain5. Add an area rug or runner. These come in so many beautiful colors, and do wonders for brightening up a room, not to mention keeping your tootsies warm. Don’t be afraid of putting rugs on top of carpet – there’s no rule against it, and it can sometimes turn out really well.
6. Now, especially, you can do the whole family a favor and install insulated curtains. Their heavier fabric and thermal coating help keep out the cold and (especially at night) blocks light from streaming in. Not only will you be warmer, it will help cut down your electricity bill.
Bed in a Bag7. Replace your pillows. Studies show that 10% of the weight of a 2-year old pillow is dead skin cells, oils, and dead dust mites. These things can’t come out of a pillow through washing, so experts recommend replacing them every 6 months to 2 years (depending on quality).
8. Flip your mattress. Experts recommend flipping your mattress every six months, so if you haven’t already, you should do so. This prevents the mattress from becoming misshapen and giving you back problems.
9. Change your bedding. Switching out your duvet cover, throw pillows and sheets for a different fabric or pattern breathes new life into the bedroom. Adding some accent pillows or a quilt can also give the bed a more homey feel. With complete bed sets available from just $29.99, there's no excuse not to.
Country Living Towels - Rose10. Thoroughly clean your towels. With the new ultra concentrated detergents, it is easy to put in too much when doing the laundry, without even knowing it. This leaves towels less absorbent over time (fabric softener does the same thing!). If you notice your towels don't quite dry you off like they used to, or if they’ve acquired a musty mildew odor and/or are stiff, wash them in their own load using hot water. Then place in the dryer on high heat. If they’re still not better, it’s time to get new towels. We suggest the Country Living towels for how soft, absorbent and quick-dry they are.

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