Monday, April 11, 2011

The Easter Bunny's coming!

Hey Y'all...
Spring has Sprung! and 
I'm sooo glad !so I started
taking out some stuff getting
ready for spring...
So I started with the dining room.. 

I just LOVE these cupcake
plates found them at Rite Aid
of all places... 

I like these plates also got
them as a birthday gift awhile
back along with the cake stand.. 

here is a back view of the

couldn't believe it when I found
this little teapot in Goodwill it 
needs some TLC poor thing has
a crack in the back and no lid but
I've given it a good home :)... 

lately I've started to collect cookie
jars that I can use as acessories I 
guess because of the size of them 
and they're 3 dimensional..the rabbit
came from Cracker Barrel a friend
spotted him for me...the large egg is
from my favorite store (the angels are
singing) "Hobby Lobby" I love that


Later on I'll post some pics of what
I put in the hutch pretty soon I'm gonna
have to knock out a wall if I keep on
"finding" stuff...oh well...knock out a
wall it will be :). I hope everyone has
a Blessed Week!
Happy Decorating,

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