Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Valentines!

Decorated dining hutch for Valentines Day
with just a few cards,glasses,empty candy
boxes that I've kept over the years...those
Whitman Sampler candy boxes make great

I realized that I didn't have a Valentine flag
out of all the flags that I have...looked online
but the ones I liked seemed really expensive
so I decided to check a local store and glad I
did ...purchased this one for half the price! now
I like that...half price!!

this heart is actually a wreath I use to put on the
front door...decided to switch it up a bit...

We had a little snow threat but I'm glad it went around us
y'all I'm sooo ready for spring!Hope everyone has a GREAT
weekend and a Happy Valentines Day! I told my hubby
NO CHOCOLATE! jewelry instead *wink*
Happy Decorating,

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