Friday, July 16, 2010

More Goodwill Finds!!

A couple of weeks ago I visited my local Goodwill.
You can't beat the bargains in there and you'll never
know what you'll find! I just love it!!

found these plates! YIPPEEE!!!!

I have already used them in my July 4th tablescape. What
i really like to do is make my decorations multipurpose that
way I actually feel like I'm getting my monies worth out of
them by using them for more than just one holiday or
so here they are on my tablescape...and you wouldn't
have know if I hadn't told ya so :)


Ok next I have been wanting some to put over my kitchen cabinets
since there is a space between them and the ceiling so I found these
cookie jars in there one day...if you look at the close they have some
scratches and missing paint but i don't care they are for display anyway
and no one will be up that close to see them...i think they're cute!

on another occasion I found some more
where in the world am I gonna display all these dishes
when the holidays come???no worries I'll find a place
trust me!

I have one more item that i want to show you..another one
of my favorite things is the prelight villages..but sometimes
depending on where you buy them they can be really
expensive and not to mention the fact you only see them
certain times of the year but me I love to have them plugged
in all year around so when I saw this one which has some
battle scars but it doesn't matter to me because it doesn't
look like its just for one season I can use it all year around
that's what I really like about it!

Oh well that's all I have for now..I want to work on some
ideas that I have in mind for a little business venture we'll
see what will come of it....i gotta start some where right???
I do hope everyone has a great weekend and Happy

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